About Souls of the Christian Apostolate (SOCA)


An army of interior apostles

SOCA is first and foremost grounded in the interior life, taking on the aura of gravitas regarding eternity, hell, discipline, sin, supernatural life, and tradition. We believe these are critical for a Catholic culture whose “first law is the salvation of souls." On an individual level, this requires a disciplined zeal with a rule of life. On a collective level, SOCA aims to provide clear and thorough formation to fashion an army of strategically coordinated soldiers of Christ --parents, students, workers, catechists, laymen of all ranks, and especially fathers and mothers of the family apostolate. Our vision is to partake in the Church’s renewal through well-formed apostolic leaders at the local level. One thousand interior "shocktroops" can impact more than one million lukewarm Catholics.

Mission and Method

Spiritually forming Catholic action leaders

SOCA’s primary action is that of formation, tying theory with practice. This happens through small groups individuals guided of all ages, men and women. There is a formation tier and leadership tier, the latter receiving more intensive formation. The formation happens through weekly peer-to-peer accountability, and bimonthly formation discussions. The curriculum consists of the four pillars of spirituality, tradition, family/culture, and the kingship of Chrst. The texts are short hand-picked passages consolidating the best of Catholic wisdom with what the saints have said. Leaders then go on to organically sow what they have been given with various initiatives, aiming to integrate with existing structures in the Church and society.

About SOCA

Founded in 2018 as a lay apostolate, SOCA operates with endorsement from the Archbishop of Denver and multiple other episocpal endorsements (such as Schneider, Strickland, and Gullickson). Some of our priestly sponsors include Fr. Dan Nolan (FSSP), Fr. Nick Larkin (Denver), and Fr. Mason Fraley (Denver). In collaboration with many other individuals and apostolates, SOCA aims to form leaders according to the spirit of The Soul of the Apostolate, St. Pope Pius X’s “bedside reading”. Garrigou-LaGrange as well as the Catholic Action movement are key in SOCA’s formation as well. Kevin Roerty is the lay founder of SOCA and spent time being formed in religious life with a traditional order in France according to the spirit of St. Dominic as well as being a FOCUS missionary. SOCA’s culture and outlook is formed by the traditional Catholic wisdom and liturgy passed down from centuries; currently, SOCA is headquartered in Denver and is involved at Our Lady of Mount Carmel (FSSP).



Kevin Roerty

Founder and CEO

Zachary Pisarski

Formation Director

Board of Directors

Fr. Daniel Nolan

Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri

Bp. Joseph Strickland

Bishop of Tyler

Fr. Mason Fraley

Archdiocese of Denver

Dr. Fernando Boschini


Adam Hermanson

Integration Design Group, Lead Architect

Kevin Roerty

Founder and CEO


Jacqueline Molnar

Western Union, Former Executive

Mark Baumann

Starz, Former President and COO

John and Geri Harris

High-worth Stock Investors

Steve Hyatt

Apartments and Homes Inc., President

Jimmy Aitchison

The Cathedral Group, President and Founder

Gellert Dornay

Axia Home Loans, President and CEO