About Souls of the Christian Apostolate (SOCA)

SOCA: Spiritually forming Catholic action leaders


Authentic renewal in this Church Remnant by forming an army of interior apostles in preparation. 

For every individual who enters the Church, over 6 leave. We all have loved ones who have fallen away. We are headed to times of the Church Remnant, apostolic times comparable to the Early Church. Ultimately, we are in a war with the enemy of souls, Satan, who wants to deform our souls and bring them to eternal ruin. It is the duty of the soldiers in the Church Militant to fight. Canon law states: "the first law of the Church is the salvation of souls." 


SOCA's mission is to form soldiers with a spiritual life and apostolic initiative so they can be true lay apostles in the world today. Our clearest objective is to have as many souls as possible spending 20+ minutes a day in meditation, conversing with Christ in their soul.

 The former minimalist standard of formation for soldiers of Christ is insufficient. The former retreat-high excitement Christianity-lite is insufficient. A renewed standard of formation and what it means to be a follower of Christ is a prerequisite for renewal. The Church's wisdom has given us The Soul of the Apostolate, essentially a manual on saving souls by developing leaders beginning with interior life formation. This is the renewed universal standard for Catholics: the interior life. This intimate friendship with Jesus Christ through deep prayer is not only the best indicator of remaining in the Church, but also of flourishing to impact many more souls as a disciple who bears long-term fruit (John 15) rather than short-lived, surface level faith. 


 Method and Involvement

Small groups with dynamic discussion based on compiled lessons in addition to uplifting accountability with daily meditation.

SOCA's apostolate is centered around formation which ties theory with practice. Small groups go through synthesized lessons on essential spiritual and apostolic point, and have practical action items of daily meditation and gradual evangelization efforts. SOCA members read and discuss lessons on fundamentals of the interior life and apostolate. Each lesson has hand-picked snippets from key texts on these points to give the essential points. This is coupled with regular peer-to-peer accountability daily meditation. Both of these activities are built upon and foster living a life of personal virtue according to one's state of life as well as friendship with other members.

 Timeline and Current Opportunity to Save Souls

SOCA is a lay apostolate founded with priests in 2018 by Kevin Roerty in Denver, CO. Archbishop Aquila of Denver has given his blessing. Bishops Schneider and Strickland have also given endorsements, the latter joining the board and being the keynote for SOCA's second annual "Interior Apostles" young adult conference in 2022. Through the first four years, SOCA has been an on-the-ground grassroots effort with missionaries ministering 1-1 as well as with small groups. Having thus refined the formation and structure with an established scalable chapter growth model, SOCA is now primed with many inquiries around the country for groups and is trying to grow to match this demand. This entails recruiting missionaries and formation directors, finding hosts to start groups and chapters, and increased funding.


Kevin Roerty

Founder and CEO

Board of Directors

Fr. Daniel Nolan

Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri

Bp. Joseph Strickland

Bishop of Tyler

Dr. Fernando Boschini


Adam Hermanson

Integration Design Group, Lead Architect

Kevin Roerty

Founder and CEO


Jacqueline Molnar

Western Union, Former Executive

Mark Baumann

Starz, Former President and COO

John and Geri Harris

High-worth Stock Investors

Steve Hyatt

Apartments and Homes Inc., President

Jimmy Aitchison

The Cathedral Group, President and Founder

Gellert Dornay

Axia Home Loans, President and CEO