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+Spiritual Discipline Crash Course

The free, three-day conference ends after the 3rd day...

Will it be another "retreat high"?

If you'd like to turn your zeal into practical, life-long change, we created...

Lifetime + Spiritual Discipline Pass

What is in the Lifetime Conference and Spiritual Discipline Pass?

1) Unlimited 

Conference Access

Get access to the Soul of the Apostolate Conference and the Spiritual Discipline Crash Courses for life so you can get through all of the videos and continually reinvigorate your motivation.


Only with Lifetime Pass

2) MP3s and Mobile App 


Get mp3 downloads of all the entire conference as well as instructions on how to use the mobile app for on-the-go access.



Only with Lifetime Pass

3) Interior Life Crash Course

Where are your thoughts when you are alone?
Understand the essence of the life of grace from a basic theological, spiritual, and psychological lens. See how it is the one thing necessary for eternal salvation and how to begin today.


Only with Lifetime Pass

4) Mental Prayer

Crash Course

“What is it? Why is it so important? How do I practice it?”
Find out how to converse with Christ and countless tips on a practical and reflective perspective to make this a daily habit in your life.


Only with Lifetime Pass

5) The Rosary

Crash Course

Draw close to Our Why the rosary is critical for the interior life and salvation, and how to practice it with not merely repetitive but contemplative devotion.


Only with Lifetime Pass

6) Spir. Reading

Crash Course

Why spiritual reading is critical for advancement in holiness, recommended practices, and how it differs from meditation.



Only with Lifetime Pass

Secure your Limited Offer:

Lifetime Conference + Spiritual Discipline Crash Courses 

+ Unlimited Conference Access ($400.00 Value)

+ MP3 Downloads of Every Session ($100.00 Value)

+ Interior Life Crash Course ($100 Value)

+ Mental Prayer Crash Course ($150.00 Value)

+ The Rosary Crash Course ($50.00 Value)

+ Spiritual Reading Crash Course ($50.00 Value)


Only $99.99