SOCA Small Groups



-learn to practice the "One Thing Necessary"

-sense of calling and purpose for Christ

-deep friendship with a common goal

-discover your mission in the Church for life

-learn how to share the interior life with others


-learn how to converse with Christ and develop the daily habit

-5 lesson SOCA kickstart lessons for groups in person or remote

-lessons on the interior life, mental prayer, the universal calling to holiness and mission



-regular lesson discussion meetings (bi-monthly or weekly)

-small group of 4-10 in-person (people you know) or remote (we connect you)

-weekly uplifting accountability with 1-2 others with your daily prayer life

-easy-to-use instructions, lessons, and guidance with Aquinas Forum


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Host Kit

Interior Disciple Kickstart PDFs

Lesson 1: Overview of the Interior Disciple (Download)

  • The Interior Life and Salvation
  • The Call to Holiness and Importance of Meditation
  • The Call to Mission

Lesson 2: Salvation by the Interior Life (Download)

  • The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, & Hell
  • Life of Grace & the Interior Life
  • Great Importance of Mental Prayer (meditation)

Lesson 3: Practicals on Meditation (Download)

  • 5 Steps in Meditation and Other Forms
  • Overcoming obstacles and difficulties
  • Ordering your life to establish the daily habit

Lesson 4: The Calling to Holiness and Mission (Download)

  • Church Militant’s Mission & Soldiers
  • Soldier of Christ: Calling to Holiness and Contemplation
  • Soldier of Christ: Calling to Mission

Lesson 5: Lesson 5: Your War for Souls and the Church Today (Download)

  • The Church Remnant
  • The Strategy of Interior Disciples
  • The Soul of the Apostolate