Amidst countless problems (ex: catechesis, broken marriages, kids leaving the faith, abortion, etc.), the underlying reality is that souls are being lost to hell for all eternity. Our Lord says that there is "one thing necessary"--His Life dwelling in us. This is the interior life. Investing in this life by spending time daily should be the norm for all who are a part of the Church. This daily habit is known as meditation, or "mental prayer."

Saint Alphonsus says, "Mental prayer is morally necessary for salvation." And Saint Teresa of Avila says, "The devil knows he has lost a soul who perseveringly practices 15 minutes of mental prayer a day."

SOCA's vision is to foster renewal in the next generation of the Church where a standard of spending time daily conversing with Christ is the norm. The urgency of this vision is amplified by the current crisis of faith especially among the youth, the lukewarm standard of previous generations to be "culturally/socially Catholic," and the persecution which is to intensify from both within and without the Church.


With this inspiration of a renewed standard, SOCA's calling has been and continues to be to practically inspire souls to live and share the interior life especially among the youth. Though indirect means of education, social connections, and inspiring content may assist this end, SOCA's primary gauge of success is the practical change in behavior: souls committed to daily mental prayer.

Such an emphasis on mental prayer as the key metric of success in the Church (rather than mere "identification" as a Catholic, or belonging to a bible study), as well as the practical change (rather than merely taking courses on the topic which often lead to little difference in practice) are what make SOCA distinct--and what compel us with a sense of deep calling to provide such critical vitality for the times to come. If this is truly the key habit for saving souls, the dollar-invested "value" is at least 10-1 in comparison to the great majority of other ministries.


We have had dozens discern religious life or the priesthood, many marriages and families started, hundreds of interior “conversions” to the interior way of faith. In addition, we have multiple episcopal endorsements including Bishop Strickland (board member) and Archbishop Aquila (SOCA’s diocesan bishop). Though we have not had the resources to measure thus far, we would estimate to have inspired at least 1000 souls to embark on living the interior life.

2023 Goal

500 Commits to Mental Prayer



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