I'd Like to Donate to Save Souls!


For every 1 who enters the Church, over 6 leave

"Hell... where the souls of poor sinners go." -Our Lady of Fatima

The “one thing necessary” for Heaven?

Friendship with Christ

Metric of renewal in the Church?

Souls conversing with Him daily


of daily meditators have remained Catholic




of 3-month trainees have continued daily meditation afterward



formed with daily meditation




outreach with content, conferences, and retreats

I'd Like to Donate to Save Souls!

Who backs SOCA?

+Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila, Archbishop of Denver

“SOCA is unique in its blend of zeal, authentically Catholic mysticism, and practicality, to form the next generation of Catholic lay apostles and Catholic leaders. All are called to holiness, which is the source of fruitful apostolic activity . . . "

+Bishop Joseph E. Strickland, Bishop of Tyler

“SOCA’s work to make [The Soul of the Apostolate] a way of life takes the person to the center of who they are. We are built to live from the soul and our modern world is starving for the food that nurtures the very core of our life as children of God. . . . (SOCA is) essential for feeding that hunger and changing our world.”

+Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of Astana

“The truth that all good we can do is done by and through Jesus cannot be overstated. . . . Zeal for souls and zeal for Christ--these are indispensable for Catholics desiring to work for evangelization. In order to set the world on fire, we must live interior lives of prayer. ”

I'd Like to Donate to Save Souls!

What are SOCA's Needs?


  • Countless chapter, member, and event inquiries
  • 2-man staff
  • No Meeting Space

🠚To fulfill apostolic potential, seed funding to hire core directors to kickstart chapters

Chapter Army

  • Staff 5+ Directors
  • Member Training Platform
  • Meetings Space
  • 1000s at conference, 500K online outreach, 15+ chapters

🠚Form 2K+ members with daily meditation

I'd Like to Donate to Save Souls!

Seed Funding

 $400K by July '22; $1M by '23

Fuel the Mission Now

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SOCA is a 501c3 nonprofit so your gift is 100% tax-deductible.

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